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We are committed to the health and well-being of your birds and fish, so we offer our services to everyone. Our aviaries and aquariums can be purchased or leased. We provide complete service and maintenance not only for our own aquariums but those you may have acquired elsewhere!

We are the only service that provides twice monthly visits to care for your pets and their environment. Monthly and quarterly visits are also available.

Aviary Care

lovebirdsCleanliness is essential to these delicate creatures, and a proper environment will help nurture them in the best of health.

Our knowledgeable staff provides regular in-depth cleaning of aviaries, and replenishing of your birds' food, bedding, seed, toys and other items to keep them healthy and happy. We also offer bird care such as the trimming of nails, beaks, and wings (as required).

Should you have a bird in distress, molting, or sickly, we will remove the bird, return them to our centers and nurse them back to health before returning them to you. Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy pet.

Fish Care

Small fish hidingYour fish need more care than you might think...water quality, temperature variation, proper feeding and timing, and aquarium accessories to keep them alert and occupied. The mix of fish species is also critical to their optimum health and safety, and we can help you make the right decisions to extend the life of your aquatic friends.

We can spot any potential problems or health issues in your tank. Whether you're a new aquarium owner or you need help maintaining a current tank, we will provide a high quality professional service at a competitive rate.

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Robin's Nest Aviaries and Aquariums provide endless hours of relaxation for residents and guests Our aviaries are home to a wide variety of birds Stunning aquariums to soother the spirit See some of our client's wonderful photos! Contact Robin's Nest Aviaries and Aquariums We service and maintain our products and resident pets!