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Tranquil, Relaxing and Enjoyable!

Provide your feathered friends with the home and environment that will nurture them while they entertain their visitors!  Our custom designed aviaries are tailored to your bird species.  We will consult with you on size, style and placement of an aviary.

Our mission is to make your bird habitat vital and pleasant for your residents and visitors so they offer a real improvement in quality of daily living while minimizing effort on your part.

Aviary Features

We offer aviaries in classic standard designs, which can be enhanced with additional architectural interest, such as special wood trim, scrolls, unique legs, and color variations.

All our aviaries are constructed with the finest hardwood materials and assembled with detailed craftsmanship.We can also work with you to design completely customized aviaries to complement your decor, style and size needs.

Large AviaryWe assemble and finish your aviary in our workshops and deliver it fully operational and bird-ready. Each aviary includes these amenities:

  • Top Lighting
  • Recessed Wiring
  • Back Doors
  • Front Flaps
  • Locked Cabinet
  • Timer
  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Swings & Toys
  • Decorations 

Our Services

Our all-inclusive service program includes your choice of twice monthly, monthly or quarterly visits to clean and sanitize the aviary, maintain the birds' health and appearance, beak, toenail and wing clipping. 

We provide food, bedding and seed to keep them healthy and happy. We replace unhealthy birds and provide our technical expertise relative to breeding programs for the birds.

We are also available for emergency runs. Clearly our mission goes way beyond “inspections”. 


Robin's Nest Aviaries and Aquariums provide endless hours of relaxation for residents and guests Our aviaries are home to a wide variety of birds Stunning aquariums to soothe the spirit See some of our client's wonderful photos! Contact us now via email, or the phone below We service and maintain our products and resident pets!