Discover the Joy of Our Custom Handcrafted Aviaries and Aquariums!

Custom designed and maintained for your healthcare center, medical office, business or home.

Robin’s Nest Aviaries and Aquariums, Corp creates not only bird habitats, but we also manufacture bases and canopies for tropical fish aquariums. We have had the opportunity to design for healthcare centers from Michigan to Florida, and our aviaries have been shipped to England, California, Colorado, Canada, Alaska, Illinois and beyond.

Robins Nest Aviaries and Aquariums Corp has been “up-and-flying” for over 20 years designing tropical bird and fish displays in nursing and care homes nationwide. These stately, superbly crafted habitats and aquariums provide constant, on-site visual and auditory stimulation for the residents. The residents and their communities give us extremely positive feedback, expressing total satisfaction with having these lively little bird families and aquatic environments share their homes.

All About Aviaries

Birds within aviaries are our specialty and make a wonderful adjunct to a care home’s pet therapy program. Within our aviaries these pets add another dimension because they are always available as a focal point of a lobby or lounge, a highlight for visiting families, a relaxing, attractive place to gather, and a source of interesting conversation. They are fun for residents and staff alike!

A major benefit of the enclosed unit is that residents can get very close to the actual bird, without worry of smells, nibbles, dander, etc. The biggest plus is that the aviary is virtually a mess-free way to enjoy your flighted friends! Many folks with poor eyesight appreciate being able to view their tropical birds' coloring and habits from an intimate level though the acrylic panels with no cage bars as distractions. Both birds and residents will appreciate the aviary’s clear panels over the barred cage or mesh screening.

All About Aquariums

A beautiful marine habitat makes a quiet, pleasing addition to any area! We can design and install an aquarium display as a turn-key program or custom build your aquatic seascape. We help your staff understand what a tank needs to stay a beautiful and vital environment.

Our experienced team is constantly working with great enthusiasm to create a beautiful home for your fish. In order to maintain the integrity of any aquarium, frequent maintenance is essential and such care is a basic element of what we guarantee to all of our customers. We take the work and anxiety out of owning or maintaining your aquatic environment.


Beyond building custom housing for tropical birds and fish, we also offer service and maintenance. Through our network of highly trained, friendly and accommodating field service technicians, we work to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimal upkeep for your animal habitats.

Our aviaries and aquariums are surprisingly affordable and we now offer leasing options to better accommodate your needs!

ONLY WE HAVE weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance programs
to fit your needs and budget!

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